February - 8 - 2013

By Gary Abbott
USA Wrestling

The United States Wrestling Foundation (USWF) has been officially launched, with the public release of its website and a fun national project, the Greatest College Wrestler Tournament.

The foundation is a non-profit organization which is raising funds and working to network the vast American wrestling community, the Silent Army of those who value wrestling in our nation.

One of its first projects is designed to reach out to the U.S. wrestling community for their input in the Greatest College Wrestler Tournament. Fans are encouraged to visit the United States Wrestling Foundation website, review the bracket and vote on which NCAA Div. I wrestling great should advance each round. It is a 64 man bracket of the best wrestlers of the last 50 years, based upon college credentials only.

As the winners are decided each week, fans will get the opportunity to come back to the website and vote on the next round of pairings, until the U.S. wrestling community selects the Greatest College Wrestler just prior to the start of the 2013 NCAA Div. I Wrestling Championships. The goal is for many thousands of people to get involved in the voting.

VOTE through the USWF website at:

While voting, the USWF will encourage wrestling enthusiasts to become members of the organization and assist with one of its first major projects. Join The Silent Army and become a member of the US Wrestling Foundation. For a minimum donation of $35 a member gets a t-shirt with USWF logo and a private call with Zeke Jones to preview the World Championships.

Using the funds accumulated from the new growth of its membership, the Foundation will provide seed money for the creation of a new college wrestling program. For every 600 new members, the Foundation will distribute the funding to help create a new Div. II, Div. III or NAIA college wrestling team. For many colleges interested in starting wrestling, funding the start-up costs for a mat, uniforms and equipment, and renovation of wrestling and/or locker rooms is essential, something the Foundation will provide through this project.

Also as part of this initiative, wrestling leader Greg Hatcher, who was instrumental in creating high school and college wrestling in Arkansas and building the sport nationally, will donate up to three new wrestling mats.

“We believe that directly funding the start of new college wrestling programs using money from wrestling fans will make a huge impact. Once the Foundation can successfully announce new programs, other future projects will become even more successful and meaningful,” said Jeff Waters, President of the United States Wrestling Foundation.

JOIN the U.S. Wrestling Foundation today by clicking here
Join the U.S. Wrestling Foundation

The foundation has developed a large board of successful business leaders and wrestling legends, all who are working together on leading this exciting project. The USWF is continuing to seek more leaders as well as expanding the number of members all across the nation.

GET INVOLVED. Vote in the Greatest College Wrestler Tournament, and join the USWF today!!!

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