November - 2 - 2018

Dear wrestling media members,

I hope the 2018-19 wrestling season is starting off well for you. I am writing to remind you of the NCAA wrestling rules resources that are available on the Wrestling Rules Committee webpage: .

This is a non rules change year so there are no new rules to implement, however, the committee has numerous points of emphasis for the season. Probably the most important POE for you to be aware of is the calling of unnecessary roughness when a wrestler deliberately places their hand in, on or around the eyes nose and mouth. Questions regarding this POE can be found in the NCAA Wrestling Case Book under AR 5-44, 45 & 46. Please share this resource page freely with your writers, commentators and any other appropriate individuals.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Chuck Barbee

Chuck Barbee
NCAA Wrestling
Secretary-Rules Editor &
Weight Management Liaison

Please note: This interpretation is applicable to contests involving NCAA member institutions only. If you have any inquiries as to whether or how this interpretation (or the applicable playing rule) might apply to any other sports governing body (e.g., NAIA), please contact a representative from that governing body.

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