November - 5 - 2021

It has come to the attention of the National Wrestling Media Association that an individual who represents themselves as a member of the wrestling media photography pool, Mr. Cam Kramer, based out of Iowa had been surreptitiously video taping wrestling matches and posting them illegally on a personal YouTube channel over the course of several years.

The content included college and high school wrestlers. Mr. Kramer was issued credentials as a still photographer, and had not applied for the rights to capture video and upload that content on YouTube; After the compliant to us, a copyright violation investigation was initiated. These events included, but were not limited to, the NAIA National Championships, Big 12 Wrestling Championships and NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.

Upon review of his YouTube channel by this organization, it was also determined that the content on his channel violated sports media decorum, and a SafeSport investigation has been opened by USA Wrestling. Since the channel and media credential violations were discovered, Mr. Kramer has been repeatedly denied credentials by USA Wrestling. The rights holder was ready to file copyright claims against the channel before it was marked private. It was taken back online several weeks later, then taken back to private again. 

The following was issued to Mr. Kramer by this organization (twice) over the summer of 2021 informing him of the complaint from rights-holding media and concerned parents of minor children.


To: Cam Kramer, Cam Kramer Photography
From: National Wrestling Media Association

A prominent wrestling broadcaster has brought to the attention of the National Wrestling Media Association officers that you own a YouTube Channel ( with over 38k subscribers. They have asked us to participate in an investigation of your channel for potential copyright violations.

Upon closer examination, it is abundantly clear that the content contains many surreptitiously captured videos using a photo credential that are an egregious violation of copyright laws when posted to YouTube. In addition the still frame selection and curated content of some of the videos (especially when paired with the comments) are a violation of sports media decorum, which is also a direct violation of acceptable usage of your media credentials.

Using photo credential(s) to secretly shoot video and post it on your channel, with over 30,000 subscribers, and in some cases generating over three million views, over a three year period, is a grievous violation of your credential and media standards. 

Therefore it will be the recommendation of the National Wrestling Media Association to alert CoSIDA and the greater college wrestling community of these violations, including, but not limited to USA Wrestling, National Wrestling Coaches Association, the NCAA and NAIA as well as relevant high school state associations.


Based on our investigation, it is the position of the NWMA that Mr. Kramer has exhibited unprofessional conduct at events by using his media credentials beyond their intended purpose, as well as using suggestive screen shots to promote those videos.

It should be noted that the illegally posted YouTube videos were on the same channel with video of high school wrestlers (minors). Since then, Mr. Kramer has made his YouTube channel private, but screen captures of the content are available upon request.**

This is NOT a recommendation against IAwrestle, FloSports or any other outlet he may have represented previously in a freelance or for-hire role, just Mr. Kramer. 
The NWMA is a volunteer membership organization comprised of wrestling journalists, photographers, podcasters, bloggers, site editors and athletic communications professionals. It was founded in 1989. We are not a rule-making entity and this should be viewed solely as a recommendation.
Your office should ultimately make the final decision to whom you issue media credentials. 
Questions can be sent to the NWMA at

**requests are for media outlets and associations.

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