April - 7 - 2022

For this year’s U.S. Open in April, World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in May and Final X events in June, USA Wrestling will be utilizing a credential portal through its membership system for various categories of credential requests, including athletes, coaches, sponsors and medical. HOW TO USE CREDENTIAL PORTAL Below is  [ Read More ]

February - 9 - 2022

The online credential application for media and SIDs is now available at https://www.ncaa.com/media

January - 26 - 2022

The National Wrestling Media Association has named its annual award winners for the 2020-21 season. All active members of the association are eligible to nominate individuals or outlets for awards. Those submissions are then broken down to a set of finalists per category, then the membership votes on those finalists  [ Read More ]

January - 1 - 2022

Here's a link to the Southern Scuffle photo folder. As usual if you have any special requests let me know! I'll be editing and uploading in between and after sessions.  http://www.sjanickiphoto.com/CSs/Southern-Scuffle Password (CaSeseNSitIvE): LetsScuffle -- All photo credits to Sam Janicki

December - 29 - 2021

Here is the google drive where I'll be putting photos for the 2021 Matmen Open: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lOCj4Rsin8iKjIEngAKb9bQNNT17pCmo?usp=sharing As usual if you have any special requests please let me know.  Sam Janicki